Journal-Club @ LIIR

General Idea

With the Journal Club we aim to do a couple of things:

  • Stay up to date with current research
  • Be able to share our recent work with colleagues
  • Most importantly: Allow for healthy discussions

To this end, we have two types of club meetings, the seminar meetings and the reading meetings. We will always make sure that there are some snacks and/or beverages present: sandwiches during lunch, coffee and cookies otherwise. Here you can read a short introduction about the setup of the seminar and the reading meetings.


In the table below, you can find a schedule of all the planned upcomming meetings.
To have a a list of all past and upcoming seminars, please take a look at the seminars page
For the list of previously discussed papers in the reading clubs, take a look at the reading page

               When                 Type                    Who                    What
5 MAR 12:00-13:00 Seminar Presenters: Mingxiao Li (LIIR) & Bertrand De Longueville and Alexandra Balahur (JRC European Commission) Abstracts