Victor Milewski

Hi! Welcome on my page!

My name is Victor Milewski. I was born and raised in Almere, close to Amsterdam. My biggest interrest is Natural Language Processing and AI. I’ve been interrested in it since high school already and pursued it eversince. I focussed on getting into the AI program at the University of Amsterdam, did both my Bachelors and Masters in AI, and currently I’m working at the KU Leuven as a PhD student.

My Work

At the KU Leuven I’m part of the ERC funded CALCULUS project, supervised by Professor Marie-Francine Moens. The goal of this project is representations for Language Understanding using commonsense and anticipation. In my work I mainly focus on learning language through multi-modal such as text and images or videos. Currently, I’m working on finding structures in images and correlate these to the structures in languages.


Beside my work I have several hobbies. One main hobby is music, I love to go to concerts and regularly do so. I also play some piano and starting to learn the guitar. Furthermore, I love to go bouldering.

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